Whether it's the fear of "needing to go" or just the long-standing taboo around the act, the thought of pleasurable anal sex can seem like an impossible feat for some women. But if you can work through those inhibitions, exploring anal play can lead to some kick-ass orgasms.

An impressive 41 percent of American women self-reported orgasming from anal sex without difficulty in a 2016 survey conducted by CAM4, a popular camming site. Those are pretty great odds for an act that still flies under the radar in common sex discourse.

When women are anally penetrated, pressure is put on the back wall of the vagina—an area known as the anterior fornix, or "A-spot." This spot is located deep in the vaginal canal against the anus, reaching up toward the cervix, said Mickie Woods, an Atlanta-based sexologist and the founder of Sex Talk, an intimate card game meant to build