If you enjoy getting eaten out, you know that most receiving positions are submissive or, at best, neutral. But the pillow princesses of the world are getting ready for their coronation: Queening, or femme-on-top face-sitting, offers a dominant option for those in the receiving role—and many find it super empowering. It's in the name, after all.

"For me, face-sitting is definitely about power—taking what I want, the way I want it," said Valerie August, a London-based independent BDSM escort and OnlyFans creator. "I can have the ultimate control over pressure and movement, whereas if I am lying on my back the other partner makes those decisions."

In case there's still any lingering confusion, queening is exactly what it sounds like: A femme partner assumes a dominant position squatting or kneeling over the face of their lover, who performs oral on them. For those particularly invested in the art of face-sitting, there are even queening chairs with face-sized holes in the center so you can literally sit on a throne during the act.

While face-sitting is the more popular