Do try this at home: Practical and creative paths to pleasure recommended by experts.
Do try this at home: Practical and creative paths to pleasure recommended by experts.
Do try this at home: Practical and creative paths to pleasure recommended by experts.
The bed is great, but any area in your house can set the scene for a spontaneous moment.
The bed is great, but any area in your house can set the scene for a spontaneous moment.
Here are some tips and tricks for making love on the beach.
Grab a pillow and get in the go-to position to generate blood flow and, potentially, an orgasm.
Making your solo play a partnered affair can increase intimacy and teach you tips for pleasure.
Props may help ease pain and add pleasure for people with (or without) a disability.
Here's how to nail this highly intense, multiplayer sexual experience—even if you're nervous.
Whether giving or receiving, here are the facts to do things safely.
There shouldn't be shame associated with any kind of sex, from wild to mild.
Two holes filled and a high-five—but are people actually into it?
Learn how to cope with aches below your waist without compromising your quality of life.
Yes, you can reveal your secret, spicy daydreams—even if the thought makes you cringe.
More stiff joints don't have to equate to less sex. Confidence and some assistance can help.
Osteopath Evan Goldstein talks all things butt to educate and excite the masses.
Learn the benefits of anal play for men and how to safely do it for mind-blowing orgasms.
This seminal decision creates a path for other companies to market contraception for anal sex.
You'll have to consider your safety, if you can first get past the weird factor.
This lung disorder can be debilitating, but it doesn't have to spell the end of your sex life.
Despite what we've seen in Hollywood and in porn, how should you really approach it?
A growing uterus can present painful bedroom experiences—communication and creativity are key.
Try these solutions to minimize pain during sex.
These "sexercises" can benefit both your health and your sex life.
Three women explain how having a taller partner impacts their sex lives.
Industry experts discuss the best and worst positions for various sleep surfaces.
Learn how to put your best foot forward—each and every time.
Step one: Pull the vehicle over. Step two: Check your blind spots. Step three: Lose the pants.
Men who are generously endowed—and their partners—will tell you to be careful what you wish for.
Congratulations, you're pregnant! And, no, that doesn't mean you should stop having sex.
No penetration, no problem. If pain gets in the way of your pleasure, find an alternate route.
Experimentation and exploration are key when trying to find that sweet spot.
Nocturnal emissions continue through adulthood, and they're nothing to be ashamed of.
No matter the size of your penis, you can still spark fireworks in the bedroom.
Learning how to deal with this common penile birth defect can be a lifelong process.
From fractures to curves, here's a hard look into lesser-known penis problems.
This new extension to an old sporting metaphor encourages a high-pressure approach to sex.
Penile curvature can make sex uncomfortable. Learn the moves that hit all the right angles.
But a few small changes can improve your sexual performance.
Liven up your workouts, and you can liven up the bedroom as well.
Sex may change with age, but these six tips will help keep you active and satisfied.
With a little imagination, the old standard still has a few tricks left in it.
People can't get enough of this royal facesitting position.
If you have osteoporosis, caution and creativity are key to continuing a healthy sex life.
FOD is a sexual disorder that can seem overwhelming without the right approach.
A 101 guide to fitting a whole hand inside a vagina.
As you create a new life, you'll have to navigate sex with a very different body.
There are plenty of benefits associated with this erotic practice—here's how to start.
You don't need to flip around 14 times per session to be a sexual dynamo.
Aching joints don’t have to ruin your romantic life.
We're not messing around here: Amp up your anal sex pleasure with these positions.
You don’t need to know the whole ‘Kama Sutra’ to have good sex.
Feeling nervous? If you're starting out, let's work on the best positions for maximum intimacy.
Two experts weigh in on all your noisy vag concerns.
Sex in the shower can be sensual and steamy, plus it opens up all kinds of possibilities.
Hollywood loves a splashy sex scene, but what are the realities of underwater sex?
Treatment options for men with erectile dysfunction and chronic pain may improve their sex life.
Being intimate is great, but you may not want the kids, roommates or parents to hear it all.
Solitary satisfaction can be perfectly gratifying without relying on commercial sources.
Expect the unexpected, and you'll be able to adjust to your ever-changing sex drive.
Whatever works, works—but there's a lot more you could be doing to improve your orgasms.
Here's the nitty-gritty on how to perform and receive oral sex during that time of the month.
Intimacy after an incision isn't out of the question, it just takes work.
During pregnancy, everything is always changing. Be prepared for your sex life to change, too.
Period sex has tons of perks from more intense orgasms to relieving menstrual cramps.
A threesome might be a great way to spice up your love life. But how do you make it happen?
Don't panic, here's what to do when bodily fluids end up in the most inconvenient spot.
Painful sex isn't the end of intimacy—you just need a new approach.
Sexual intercourse gets the blood pumping and the sex position might feel like some form of yoga
Burn some extra calories during sex by concentrating on already-engaged muscle groups.
Prostate orgasms can offer a new realm of pleasure for the curious.
Stuck at home? Try these approaches to get your partner to shape up and put out for better sex.
Sex is one of the most fun forms of exercise. Here’s how to maximize the intensity.
Let’s blow up four big, fat lies about the sex lives of overweight people, once and for all.
Rethinking your sex positions may lead to a solution for lasting longer in bed.
Large people shouldn’t be shortchanged on sexual pleasure.
Spice up your sex life by trying these 11 poses for you and your partner.
Spice up your sex life by trying these 11 poses for you and your partner.
Orgasms are awesome, so have more of them by using these clever positions and techniques.
If you’re new to anal sex, here are some pointers for a safe and pleasurable experience.
It might be time to give more attention to your often-ignored prostate gland.
If you’re suffering from poor digestive health, sex can be the very last thing on your mind.
Your sexual desire may fade after a heart attack, but it will return.
Asthma is annoying at best and fatal at worst. Don’t let it take the wind out of your sex life.
Being pregnant changes everything—including sex. You have questions; we have answers.
A penis curvature often caused by trauma, Peyronie’s disease can affect your comfort during sex.
It’s possible for a man to 'break' his penis, which could cause a long-term health concern.