The shower can be a notoriously difficult place to have sex.

It's small, cramped, steamy, wet—and did you know water can strip away the vagina's natural lubrication? However, when you master this white whale of the romantic world, the excitement and taboo nature of shower sex begin to make sense.

We asked a couple of sexperts and shower-sex pros for the optimal ways to have sex in the shower, as well as some tips and tricks to make the shower a sexier place for all. Spoiler: Don't forget the silicone lube.

Between a wall and a wet place

For people with a little more wiggle room in the shower, try using the space to your advantage. Position yourselves with one person leaning their back up against the shower wall while their partner penetrates from the front.

"A lot of people like to wrap a leg around their partner in that position," said Rachel Zar, a marriage and family therapist/AASECT-certified sex therapist. "It allows for deeper penetration."