Now, don't get me wrong: Having sex on the bed is fun and definitely the most comfortable. But what about sex in a lake? Or the ocean? Or in any other body of water? That's the kind of spicy and spontaneous fun I'm interested in having, especially when it's hot outside.

I'm not alone, either. Having sex in a body of water is often a popular trending topic on the internet. You'll find endless posts on Reddit and on Quora, where users ask about each other's experiences and whether or not it's safe to take a dip.

Lake sex is pretty risky

From the way water can dry out vaginas and break condoms to the bladder and vaginal infections it can cause, think twice before you play around in the water.

"Water dries out the vagina, which can lead to micro-cuts during penetration," said Gunvor Ekman Ordeberg, M.D., OB-GYN, and co-founder of DeoDoc Intimate Skincare. "These tiny tears are susceptible to infection should bacteria infiltrate them."