Before becoming pregnant 7 months ago, I didn't realize that sometimes my unborn baby's mobility could be seen by others. I knew I would feel baby kicks and rolls, but I didn't realize that a fetus would be able to cause noticeable jabs, lumps and movements from my stomach. Seeing my baby shift through my skin is an indescribably miraculous experience most of the time—except when it comes to sex.

Psychologically, it feels strange to have sex with such a visual—and physical—reminder of my baby. To me, it's similar to having sex while someone is watching, which can be a huge turnon for some but makes me feel shy and lowers my desire. Especially if that "someone" is my unborn baby.

Most moms-to-be can start feeling baby movement during weeks 18 to 25 of pregnancy, according to the American Pregnancy Association. By 28 weeks, you should feel at least 10