Sex during pregnancy has long been a topic of conversation, a subject of myths and misconceptions. While it’s an individual decision, many of the questions women ask are similar, and we have answers.

Q. Can I have sex during pregnancy?

A. Yes, you can have sex! Oral, vaginal, anal, you name it. They’re all fair game. Unless your doctor has told you otherwise, it is perfectly safe to have vaginal intercourse while pregnant. During vaginal intercourse, the penis does not penetrate beyond the cervix, so the baby won’t feel a thing.

Q. When should I stop having sex?

A. If you are carrying twins, have gone into early labor previously or have placenta previa (your placenta partly or completely covers your cervical opening), you may want to avoid sexual intercourse altogether.

Q. What sex positions work best?

A. Though it’s possible to have sex, sometimes it’s not all that easy or comfortable. If you find sex during pregnancy difficult, try