It's a tale as old as time that many people—especially cis women—find taller partners more desirable. Whether it's a primal response we haven't quite yet evolved beyond, or just a genuine preference, height differences in relationships and between sexual partners are incredibly common.

And what if you're having sex with someone significantly taller or shorter than you? Can a height discrepancy influence the sex you have, and the pleasure you get from it? Are there any sex positions that just don't work?

Dating coach Mandy Mee said that it's "less about height and more about what role both parties are willing to play" in the bedroom. It's important to consider weight and flexibility, too. "Is your partner able to lift you into different positions? Can you have both legs underneath your head or over theirs?" she said. "If not, figure out which positions your body can metamorphose into."

'Missionary is basically impossible'

Tasha* is a 24-year-old from Hampshire who has been with her partner for four years. She's 5 feet 7 inches and he's 6 feet 4 inches and has always found tall people attractive, as it makes her feel a sense of