Affecting up to 13 percent of the adult male population—and typically occurring in men around age 55—Peyronie's disease is a serious medical condition caused by fibrous scar tissue that makes the penis bend at an acute angle. It's also a painful disease that can make sex uncomfortable. While surgery is an option for some men, doctors sometimes suggest that different sexual positions are the answer to discomfort during intercourse. If you've had trouble maintaining the motion of the ocean due to Peyronie's, try these sex positions on for size.

The butterfly

Known as the butterfly or the mind-bender, this sex position requires your partner to lie on their back with their butt hanging off the edge of the couch, the bed or any other furniture. Their legs are lifted at a 90-degree angle and pressed against your chest. You can enter your partner in a standing or seated position, which allows you to change your angle or position to alleviate pain.

The plank