Female ejaculation has been more or less relegated to status as the "other," emerging either as the punchline to raunchy jokes or the "exotic" factor in adult films. If you are inclined to think it's fake or exists only for the sexual elite, those feelings are valid but a little misguided. Female ejaculation is less mysterious and mystical than you might think.

What is female ejaculation?

Somewhat similar to male ejaculation, female ejaculation occurs when a female is sexually aroused and releases fluid through her urethra, though this doesn't have to happen alongside an orgasm. Some (currently debated) research indicates the ejaculation may be linked to G-spot stimulation.

Ejaculation is totally different from the lubrication that comes from a woman's vagina when she is aroused. There are two kinds of fluids: ejaculate and squirting.

Ejaculate fluid

Female ejaculate is thick and whitish, composed of many of the same compounds as male ejaculate (semen), including prostate enzymes. It contains only trace amounts of