​As usual with anything sexual, it's complicated. 

Whether you feel like an outlier or you just want the record set straight, here is the debunking of some of the common myths about female and male orgasms.

The female orgasm

Anyone with a vagina has heard their fair share of myths about the female orgasm. Some are obviously wrong, others completely outlandish.

Nothing should prevent you from reaching your sexual potential, so here are some truths about female orgasms.

Myth: Using a condom makes orgasming impossible.

Reality: It's true that depending on the brand and texture of the condom, you can feel a difference, but friction is friction. You can orgasm when your partner wears a condom.  In fact, not having to worry about getting pregnant or getting a sexually transmitted disease (STD) may allow you to relax and enjoy the moment more.

It seems that condom companies are just as interested in disproving this myth because they actually created condoms that improve orgasms. From using materials