Misunderstanding of this neurodevelopmental condition makes life harder for people with it.
It's a challenging time, but it can be easier if you don't buy into generalizations.
Understanding the truth about your vaginal health is essential to preventing serious illness.
Don’t be misled by the myths. Learn the facts and increase your awareness about ovarian cancer.
Don’t let myths about cervical cancer keep you from the routine screenings needed to detect it.
Myths about endometriosis can spread unfounded fear and cause delays in diagnosis and treatment.
Menopause is a life-changing process that women shouldn't face without the facts.
Conflicting information about menstruation is a problem when half of the population menstruates.
Is sexuality fluid? Is it a choice? We tear down common fallacies and uncover the facts.
It’s said life imitates art. If that was true of sex lives the world would be a weirder place.
You'll hear a lot of tales about pregnancy and postpartum life. It's time to get the facts.
Don't take chances with issues as serious as pregnancy and STIs. Let's get the facts straight.
There are a number of things both partners should keep track of when trying to get pregnant.
Before you decide on in vitro fertilization, it's important to know all the facts.
As we learn more about breast cancer, it’s important to separate the facts from the fiction.
Any breast procedure can be intimidating, so let’s start by separating fact from fiction.
Breast wellness is an important part of overall health, so don't fall for misinformation.
How much do you know about less common STIs and STDs? And how much of that is true?
We've all heard about HPV, but do you understand the risks? Don't fall for misinformation.
Don't wonder what information pertaining to herpes is true and what's a myth. We have the facts.
Don’t let anything you’ve heard about syphilis prevent you from staying safe while having sex.
What you don't know can hurt you. Get the facts you need to know about gonorrhea and chlamydia.
Progress has been made in HIV and AIDS prevention, but misinformation continues to flourish.
STDs and STIs can lead to serious complications, so it's important to know the facts.
Uncover the truth here, so you and your partner can safely take your sex life to new places.
No matter how much we learn about female and male orgasms, misinformation continues to abound.
Solo pleasure is as natural an activity as there is. So why all the masturbation myths?
Let's set the record straight on how it 'should' be done.
They don't call it a 'game' for nothing—sort through some of the noise
You owe it to yourself to debate every side of this issue before marrying or divorcing.
What you believe you're communicating and what actually gets communicated may not be the same.
The evolving face of men's grooming and hygiene is still fraught with myths.
Make personal choice the foundation of your hygiene regimen—not ancient myths or current trends.
Let's discover the truth behind some important misconceptions about testicular cancer.
Clearing up some bad info about conditions from premature ejaculation to testicular cancer.
All those lies older kids told you in the schoolyard debunked at last.
Looking and being healthy aren't always the same. What else should you know about your health?
Ignore the conflicting information out there about how to get in shape. Here's the bottom line.
Sleep seems basic, but myths about it and its attendant disorders need to be debunked.
Don't let outdated beliefs keep you or a loved one from seeking much-needed support.
Few conditions are as stigmatized as mental illness, but that's because misinformation abounds.
Much more than just 'having a bad day,' these conditions are serious and worth knowing about.
Post-traumatic stress disorder is a serious and sometimes misunderstood condition.
Prostate cancer is the second-deadliest cancer in men. It's scary, and myths about it abound.
Knowing how various prostate conditions present themselves can help you beat them.
Knowing how various prostate conditions present themselves can help you beat them.
Men are rightly concerned with keeping their prostate healthy, so don't fall for misconceptions.
Learn the truth about timing, frequency, supplements and other factors that affect fertility.
Mental health and ED are common disorders for men, and they’re related. But not how you think.
If you're a woman who's trying to conceive, you should first know these facts.
Yes, there is a link between heart health and ED, and your life may depend on recognizing it.
Not sure what's true about diabetes and ED? It's because myths abound. Learn the facts.
Dealing with ED is difficult enough—let alone the misconceptions.
You may be wary of epidurals, but they're a safe and effective way to manage childbirth pain.
A diagnosis of breast cancer is scary. Knowing the facts can help physically and emotionally.
Misleading but common ideas around vaginal health may lead to harmful decisions.
In many cases, breast surgery can do as much for the psyche as it can for the physique.
Think you know it all about eating disorders? Don't be so sure.
'What's your love language?' has become a common dating question, but what does it really mean?
Feminine hygiene products are all the rage—but how much do we really know about them?
The connection between erectile dysfunction and prostate conditions is often misunderstood.
As these procedures for women have grown in popularity, so has the surge of bad info.
While IBD is a serious condition, knowing the facts will help you best manage your disease.
Find out the facts about preeclampsia—it could save your life.
Women shouldn't let myths about menstrual products leave them confused and misinformed.
You don't have to live with pain. Learn the facts and don't be fooled by misconceptions.
Technology can help you find love but don't listen to everything you hear about dating apps.
Technology can help you find love but don't listen to everything you hear about dating apps.
Inflammation of the epididymis can be painful and dangerous. Here’s what you need to know.
This penis condition is common but not well understood. Know how to debunk balanitis myths.
Think you know everything you need to know about premature ejaculation? Not so fast.
Looking to start a family one day? Here's what you need to know about freezing eggs or embryos.
Dating has never been without risk, and then COVID-19 added new challenges. But don't despair.
Common myths create added stigma around a medical procedure that is both safe and legal.
Osteoporosis is avoidable, but if you have it, exercise isn't prohibited. Know the facts.
There's more to sperm count than you think. Here are five of the most common myths dispelled.
Getting snipped sounds scary, but this minimally invasive procedure is effective and safe.
Millions of people are affected by digestive disorders. Get the facts about gut health issues.
Aesthetic surgery involving the male genitalia is an ancient practice. Know the facts.
Too many people don't understand this relationship style, which leads to much misinformation.
Know the truth about the solid, noncancerous breast lumps often found in women.
Let's understand what's at stake when a boy is born with hypospadias, and bust some myths.
Before spending your hard-earned money on grooming or personal-care products, know the facts.
When it comes to opioids, it is important—possibly lifesaving—to separate fact from fiction.
Minimal effort can reap major benefits with these easy exercises—if you know what you're doing.
This swelling of veins in the scrotum can cause concern but is mostly benign. Get the facts.
Acting out fantasies isn't strange—it's sexy! Know the facts before you dive in.
Considering a penile implant to cope with erectile dysfunction? Knowing the facts can help.
This misunderstood molecule is the bedrock of your boner, so get the facts.
What you think you know about PEVR, and the needs of your own ego, might be wrong.
Let's separate the facts from the fiction on this important health issue.
Whether your relationship is rocky or rock-solid, the pandemic is revealing many truths.
Monogamy is just the way things are—right? Maybe not!
We bust some heart disease myths so you can make better choices about your heart health.
Long-distance relationships should be easier to maintain in the digital age. Are they?
We’re all highly susceptible to these common infections, so be prepared with the facts.
Misinformation about your ovaries can cause confusion. Know the facts and bypass the fiction.
IVF is a complex series of procedures used to help with fertility and conception. Get the facts.
A vital cancer-screening tool, Pap smears should be a routine part of your health regimen.
Find out the facts behind the stories people believe about this common prostate condition.
We’re shedding light on some misunderstandings about the testicular condition called hydroceles.
What you think you know about Peyronie’s and late-onset penile curvature might be wrong.
Prostate exams are a useful tool to keep men healthy. Here’s what you should know.
Testosterone is crucial to male physiology, but what do you really know about it?
If you're searching for the truth about Botox injections, read on.
Knowing about the safety and efficacy of natural sex supplements can benefit your sexual health.
Jumping on the latest fitness craze might be a waste of time and money. Get the facts.
A UTI can strike at any time and lead to serious complications. Be prepared with the facts.
Don’t let misinformation keep you from finding your best method of contraception.
Don’t let misinformation keep you from finding your best method of contraception.
Let's clear the air and reframe some of the most common misconceptions about BDSM.
While most males were circumcised as babies, some adult men are choosing to undergo the snip.