The prostate is often the forgotten member of the male sexual function band. But if the penis and testicles are the guitarist and bassist of this all-star musical group, the prostate gland is the drummer: Without that driving force, the band is going nowhere.

That’s because this walnut-sized muscular gland is responsible for both making semen and acting as a pump, pushing the semen up to the urethra to mix with sperm and exit the penis when a man ejaculates. What's more, nerves in the prostate help fire up a man's erection.

So if you want to keep the band together and keep on rocking to a ripe old age, it helps to master the basics first. Let's debunk some of the common prostate myths.

Myth: If I develop prostate cancer, I will know it.

Reality: Prostate cancer frequently has no detectable symptoms. Men often can't feel or notice it on their own until it spreads to other parts of the body. That's why appropriate screening—depending on your age and other risk factors—is so important.

The other reason to get screened is that