Physical health dramatically impacts our life in many ways, and how we live our life impacts our physical health. Given the myriad factors that determine your physical health, as well as your sexual health, taking control of your daily choices can significantly improve your overall wellness.

Unfortunately, "healthy" isn't always visible, predictable or completely under your control. Knowing how to debunk a few myths about physical health can aid your journey to a healthier life.

Myth: Age is just a number.

Reality: The truth is your chronological age doesn't impact your life as much as your biological age.

When determining longevity, it's not enough to know how old you are. Many factors determine your life span, including genetics and chronic illnesses. But your diet, physical activity and overall life choices have just as much impact on your biological age as the genetic hand you were dealt. Such knowledge might be scary, depending on the life choices you've made to this point, but it also means much of your