A man's sperm count, the concentration of sperm in his semen, is important for fertility, but its significance goes beyond that. An abundance of these gametes is typically indicative of good overall health, while sperm problems can alert men to other health issues.

You may think you know everything you need to know about sperm count and why it's important, but do you really? Five common myths often shape people's view of the topic. We're going to dispel them.

Myth: Sperm count and sperm quality are the same thing.

Reality: False. While the two are closely related, sperm count and quality are not the same. The difference is that a man's sperm count measures the concentration of sperm in his semen, while quality determines the overall health of his sperm, which includes criteria such as motility (movement) and age of sperm. It's good for both the count and the quality to be high.

Myth: Men who suffer premature ejaculation have a low sperm count.

Reality: This isn't always the case, but it can be if a man's low