Testicular cancer sounds pretty scary. But how scary should it be? Is it common, or rare? Do you get it when you’re young, or old? Is it easily treatable, or a death sentence? Which bits of information you've heard about the disease are true?

Let’s separate the facts from the fiction and debunk the most common myths that surround testicular cancer.

Myth: Older men are at higher risk.

Reality: While this is true for prostate cancer, testicular cancer is more common in younger guys; typically, patients are in their 20s and 30s. More than 50 percent of guys diagnosed with it are between 20 and 45—the average age is 33—and testicular cancer after the age of 50 is quite rare, with only 8 percent of cases occurring in men older than 55. All that said, testicular cancer is possible in seniors, as well as in children and teens, so screening is important at any age.

Myth: Testicular cancer is common.

Reality: Only 1 in 250 males (0.4