Let's be clear: If you find out you have testicular cancer, you are allowed to feel the gamut of emotions, including fear, anxiety and confusion. Any type of cancer diagnosis is often an overwhelming and traumatic event, and it will come with a lot of difficult feelings to sort through.

However, a cancer diagnosis also comes with a lot of information—and some of it may be inaccurate. Before you dive into dealing with your diagnosis, be sure you have the facts about testicular cancer.

Inaccuracy #1

It will make you infertile

One of the most commonly held myths about testicular cancer is that it makes men infertile. Testicular cancer is primarily a younger man's disease—the average age at diagnosis is only 33—and men in that age range may be worried about how the cancer will affect their ability to produce children. The testicles play a crucial role in the male reproductive system through the production of testosterone, a sex hormone that regulates