Let's face it, a lot of young men seem to have it made. Their lifestyle is carefree. Opportunities in all aspects of life are ahead of them. The prospect of old age and its attendant health concerns feels like it is a long time from now. Cancer seems especially distant. And that's largely true—except for one type.

When you hear the words "testicular cancer," you need to know two important aspects: One, testicular cancer is very much a young man's disease, with an average age of only 33 at diagnosis. And two, nothing you do or don't do will cause the condition.

It's a cancer without a known cause, but answers are available to other important questions about the condition. Here's what you need to know about testicular cancer, including why it tends to affect mostly young men.

Origins of testicular cancer

The origins of testicular cancer can be traced back to the very beginning of life: smack dab in the middle of