​There is perhaps no developmental process more important to human existence than pregnancy and the first six months with a newborn. Without it, well, you know, there’d be no human race.

Given that, why does so much misinformation about this amazing process still exist?

One reason, of course, is that one-half of the population is not physically capable of getting pregnant. Another reason might be because no pregnancy is exactly the same as another, and that also applies to women who get pregnant more than once.

In the interest of creating a solid base of knowledge regarding human gestation and the period immediately following birth, we have gathered the information necessary to debunk five popular myths that persist about pregnancy and seven myths about postpartum life.


Myth: All pregnancies are relatively similar.

Reality: Whether a pregnancy is easier or more difficult depends on the woman and, in some cases, the baby. Many women who have experienced a relatively smooth pregnancy in the past can have difficulties with future pregnancies.

While pregnancy certainly involves moments of beauty, it can also be really demanding. Pregnancy brings