There isn't a right or a wrong way to have sex, but there is misinformation out there that may cause some concern. As we know, sex education doesn't always get to the root of what's true and what's a myth—a lot of advice gets muddied, which further perpetuates people believing just about anything that's passed by word of mouth. And with information traveling faster than ever through social media, television, movies and other forms of media, it's safe to say we hear a lot of false information surrounding sex.

To help you stay more informed in the bedroom, we debunked five common myths related to sex.

Myth: Men are always horny.

Reality: Going by what films, TV shows and pop songs portray, men are horny creatures who constantly think about sex. And while it's true that men have more testosterone—a hormone that influences libido—than women, testosterone level isn't the only thing that determines sex drive. Medications, stress, personality, lifestyle, diet, sleep, insecurities and many other factors can influence