Masks aren’t the only piece of protective equipment consumers are snatching up at the stores: With Covid-19 restrictions loosening, condom sales are skyrocketing.

From late March to mid-April this year, condom sales increased by 23.4 percent, according to data from market research firm IRI first reported by CNN—a stark contrast to the previous year, when people were storming the stores for hand sanitizer, gloves (the ones for your hands, duh) and protective face coverings. As vaccination rates continue to pick up the pace, people are replenishing their supply of barrier contraceptives.

"It's likely that the inflation in sales is due to everyone buying condoms at the same time," said Rachael Rose, a certified sex and relationship coach based in Philadelphia. "Usually folks who use condoms would be buying them as needed, and sales would be spread out. Since a lot of people are feeling more comfortable dating and hooking up again in a short time frame, everyone who would have bought condoms as needed pre-pandemic is buying them at the same time