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Erectile Dysfunction

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction


Dealing with ED is difficult enough—let alone the misconceptions.

The Basics
Living with Erectile Dysfunction

The Basics

The Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Tens of millions of American men experience erectile dysfunction each year. Get the facts.

As an essential component of erections, NO can be a big yes in avoiding ED.

The causes of ED often differ between older and younger guys, but the effects are the same.

Separating fact from fiction about erectile dysfunction can help reignite your sex life.


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Many physical and mental health conditions, as well as lifestyle choices, can affect ED.

A blockage in the abdominal aorta limits blood flow to the legs and another important body part.

The absence of testosterone and other hormones may signal future bone loss.

A well-known culprit in poor diets, excessive sodium can also directly affect erections.


Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Understand your options and choose the right treatment for you.

This technology, which looks at fluid flow, helps treat patients with ED, Peyronie's and more.

A daily routine can aid the mind, body and soul—and maybe ease erectile dysfunction symptoms.

The new therapy may prove to be effective—small samples are encouraging—but we're not there yet.


Understanding Low-T

Understand the causes and effects of low testosterone so you know how to combat it.

If low-T claims you as a victim, you should get TRT, right? Well, not necessarily.

Gels, injections, pellets, patches: Doctors weigh in on the best treatments for hypogonadism.

Fatigue, insomnia, mood swings and hair loss are just a few of the far-reaching effects.

Living with Erectile Dysfunction

Living With Erectile Dysfunction

ED can have a wide-ranging impact on more than just your sex life, but you don't have to let it.

Breaking down taboo subjects is the first step to a fulfilling sex life.

After diabetes rendered standard ED fixes moot, I found a new sex life with an implant.

Knowing the process can take the anxiety out of getting tested for erectile dysfunction.