Erectile Dysfunction

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

The Basics
Living with Erectile Dysfunction


The coronavirus is still here and one of its lingering effects may be ED for some men.

They can contribute to ED, yes, but quantity and frequency should be your primary concerns.

Obesity is linked to ED. That's a fact. But many ties, not just one, form this relationship.

Men who served are more prone to PTSD and other conditions that can lead to erectile problems.


This technology, which looks at fluid flow, helps treat patients with ED, Peyronie's and more.

A recent study on rats suggests pumpkin seeds may help improve ED.

Everything you need to know about using vacuum devices designed for your phallus.

Erectile dysfunction caused by arterial problems has a treatment more associated with the heart.

Living with Erectile Dysfunction

Excuses will never defeat erectile dysfunction. Action will. I put my ego aside, and so can you.

Staying fit is a proven way to keep the penis, and the blood vessels feeding it, in good shape.

Overcoming ED—or even just trying to treat it—has value not limited to an invigorated sex life.

The world of alternative types of sexual fulfillment is limited only by your imagination.

The Basics

The actor reveals his addiction issues and resulting men's health complications in a new memoir.

They can help with anxiety, insomnia and panic attacks, but are benzos affecting your sex life?

ED isn't always about not getting hard. Sometimes it's about not being able to stay that way.

Excess weight can impair sexual health by affecting bodily systems and psychological conditions.


Testosterone replacement therapy is offered in many places. Good care goes beyond that.

Your mental health is important, but improving it doesn't have to inhibit your sex life.

Even effective medications can wreak havoc on your libido.

Your androgen levels are not drastically low, but they're not super-high, either. So now what?

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Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

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