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Erectile Dysfunction

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction


Dealing with ED is difficult enough—let alone the misconceptions.

The Basics
Living with Erectile Dysfunction

The Basics

The Facts About Erectile Dysfunction

Tens of millions of American men experience erectile dysfunction each year. Get the facts.

Separating fact from fiction about erectile dysfunction can help reignite your sex life.

Simple changes might help keep your sexual prowess potent.

Most men will experience some form of ED, but these numbers are clues to reducing your risk.


Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Many physical and mental health conditions, as well as lifestyle choices, can affect ED.

Well done or rare, too much red meat might make for fewer erections.

When cortisol circulates in excessive levels over time, sexual function may suffer.

Men with IBS and IBD apparently have a greater risk and prevalence of ED. Why?


Treatment of Erectile Dysfunction

Understand your options and choose the right treatment for you.

The ancient practice's whole-body benefits could very well perk up certain pleasurable parts.

Younger guys facing trauma-induced erectile dysfunction can consider penile revascularization.

Here are some tips to beat breast tissue development and help you in the bedroom.


Understanding Low-T

Understand the causes and effects of low testosterone so you know how to combat it.

Fatigue, insomnia, mood swings and hair loss are just a few of the far-reaching effects.

Find out if testosterone replacement therapy can restore the energy and sex drive you've lost.

Believe it or not, you may be able to eat your way to a healthier sex life.

Living with Erectile Dysfunction

Living With Erectile Dysfunction

ED can have a wide-ranging impact on more than just your sex life, but you don't have to let it.

After diabetes rendered standard ED fixes moot, I found a new sex life with an implant.

Knowing the process can take the anxiety out of getting tested for erectile dysfunction.

Breaking a sweat may be your secret weapon in the fight against erectile dysfunction.