Erectile dysfunction (ED) can negatively affect a person's sex life, self-confidence, psycho-emotional health and relationships. Conversely, successfully beating erectile dysfunction—or, often enough, just engaging in the ED treatment process—can result in a number of benefits.

Defeating ED and realizing the benefits, or at least learning how to overcome and process the psychological pitfalls that lead to and result from penis-related sexual dysfunction, often requires guided reflection on thoughts and behaviors that could be contributing to the problem.

Critical self-talk is a common problem among men experiencing ED, according to Rossana Sida, Psy.D., L.M.F.T., a sex and relationship therapist based in Los Angeles.

"The work is then about challenging these negative beliefs about themselves and finding ways to combat the negativity when it does creep in," Sida explained. "Once they can do that, they begin to see that the way they think of themselves has been affecting them throughout their life and it is unhealthy for them."

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