Sex therapist Britney Blair, Ph.D., founder of the Clinic, Northern California's largest independent sexual health clinic, wanted to take everything she and her team does in-clinic—exercises, techniques and more—and make it accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Sex therapy from anywhere and everywhere.

It's a growing field of therapy designed for a wide variety of needs, but there are only about 900 board-certified sex therapists in the United States, and some states don't have any, Blair said.

This is a worrying statistic because 1 in 3 men have a sexual complaint, and sexual issues are among the top three reasons couples split up.

In 2020, Blair put her efforts into Lover, a sexual wellness app she views as a way to reach millions of people who need help with erectile dysfunction (ED), low desire, delayed ejaculation and other sexual health issues.

Online care is expanding with sites such as Sesame, Talkspace and ReGain giving people access to therapists and doctors from anywhere, sometimes in as