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Understanding Erectile Dysfunction | Causes

Well done or rare, too much red meat might make for fewer erections.

When cortisol circulates in excessive levels over time, sexual function may suffer.

Men with IBS and IBD apparently have a greater risk and prevalence of ED. Why?

Your brain and body depend on sugar, but how much is too much or not enough in your diet?

Both hyper- and hypothyroidism can affect men's sexual function. The good news: treatment helps.

Here's how the STI can progress from infection to non-erection—and how to avoid it.

A surprising cause of erectile dysfunction is an overload of an essential mineral.

A medication commonly used to treat hair loss has been linked with erectile dysfunction.

A traumatic brain injury can significantly impact sexual function, both physically and mentally.

Here's the lowdown on what's happening down low if you're taking medications for mental health.

If you're having trouble getting ready for love, your beer belly could be the culprit.

Many men enjoy a few drinks now and then, but such consumption carries sexual side effects.

The virus may be responsible for your erections—or lack thereof.

The (bad) choices you make in five areas could increase your chances for erectile dysfunction.

Kidney disease can cause sexual problems, but you have options to treat one and avoid the other.

Erectile dysfunction isn't just about your penis—often it's a sign of other health problems.

Identifying the links between erectile dysfunction and sleep issues can help you with both.

Immediate side effects are well-known, but what happens after years or decades is less clear.

An Italian study indicates getting COVID-19 could mean erectile issues for younger guys.

Male breast enlargement and erectile dysfunction share a common cause, but both can be treated.

Fifty percent of men older than 40 suffer from ED, a number that increases with age.

Cycling is good for you, but understand the factors that might affect your sexual performance.

It can be a real downer to find that your medication causes some unfortunate side effects.