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Erectile Dysfunction

Mental Health and ED

The Basics
Living with Mental Health Conditions and ED

The Basics

The Facts About Mental Health and ED

ED often impacts your mental health, which exacerbates symptoms, creating a vicious cycle.

Erectile dysfunction is often a consequence of trauma. Therapy treats both.

The conditions conspire to create what may seem to be an insurmountable twosome. It's not.

Positive, negative and traumatic experiences affect libido, but these situations can be managed.


Treatment of Mental Health Conditions and ED

Given the connection between mental health and ED, it's no surprise treating one treats both.

A negative view of your body could have a negative impact on your erections.

Therapy with a significant other can help men cope with—or maybe even improve—erectile problems.

When mental blocks lead to erectile issues, a therapist can help, but know what to expect.

Living with Mental Health Conditions and ED

Living With Mental Health Conditions and ED

Erectile dysfunction can affect your emotions and mental state, but you can deal with it.

If this important chemical messenger is out of balance, libido and mental health can suffer.

Even if the physiological side is good to go, the psychological side can battle the bulge.

Often overlooked in men, anorexia, bulimia and binge eating disorder have sexual side effects.