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Erectile Dysfunction

Mental Health and ED


Mental health and ED are common disorders for men, and they’re related. But not how you think.

Reviewed by Young Jo, M.D. | Psychiatry

The Basics
Living with Mental Health Conditions and ED

The Basics

The Facts About Mental Health and ED

ED often impacts your mental health, which exacerbates symptoms, creating a vicious cycle.

With its many and various symptoms, COVID-19 is far more than a respiratory illness.

Numerous studies show a strong interplay between depression and erectile dysfunction.

It's not all in your head when it comes to ED, but some of it might be.


Treatment of Mental Health Conditions and ED

Given the connection between mental health and ED, it's no surprise treating one treats both.

Today, we know more about both erectile dysfunction and depression than we ever have.

Yes. Or no. It depends—and here's everything you need to know to resolve your issues.

Depression is a complex root cause of erectile dysfunction, but some simple changes can help.

Living with Mental Health Conditions and ED

Living With Mental Health Conditions and ED

Erectile dysfunction can affect your emotions and mental state, but you can deal with it.

Mental health issues often cause problems with ED. But you don’t have to suffer in silence.

The mind can be as important as a pill or a pump to restore sexual function and well-being.

Empathy and openness in discussing both physical and psychological issues are essential.