You started out following your friends on Instagram. You swapped gossip, liked their pictures, posted photos of your own, and it was fun to share.

So when did it become so competitive?

Take a look at your social media feeds. Do your friends now take a backseat to beautiful celebrities with their flawless bodies? After all, those otherwise untouchable stars all have Instagram accounts, too.

When our social media feeds are full of unattainable celebrities who have such perfect posts, it's easy to feel we should emulate and compete. After all, we're seeing actors, models and influencers do the same things as us: eat brunch, lounge in the house, go for walks. Why can't we look the way they do when we do the same things?

What is selfie dysmorphia?

This direct comparison between yourself and social media sensations can lead to overanalysis and overemphasis of our appearance, as we see in them everything we are not. And it only gets worse as we continue to open our apps again and again throughout the day, repeatedly exposing ourselves to the objects of comparison that undermine our self-esteem. If the cycle