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Erectile Dysfunction

Heart Health and ED


Yes, there is a link between heart health and ED, and your life may depend on recognizing it.

Reviewed by Harsh Sharma, D.O. | Internal Medicine

The Basics
Living with Heart Conditions and ED

The Basics

The Facts About Heart Health and ED

Erectile dysfunction could be a signal of serious heart issues. Here's what you need to know.

Researchers believe erectile dysfunction could be a sign of cardiovascular problems.

If you're struggling to stay erect, your first call should probably be to your cardiologist.

The links are so clear that ED can even predict cardiovascular problems.


Treatment of Heart Conditions and ED

Get to the heart of the matter with erectile dysfunction, from diagnosis through treatment.

A strong, healthy ticker is the foundation for strong, healthy sexual function.

Increasing blood flow is the key to this innovative use of stents to aid erectile dysfunction.

It all comes down to the tiniest blood vessels in the male body.

Living with Heart Conditions and ED

Living With Heart Conditions and ED

The first step in treating erectile dysfunction is tending to your heart and vascular health.

Treating your hypertension can often worsen your ED. Fortunately, you have options.

Approaching each condition separately can help with both.

Addressing one condition can help with the other, but only if you speak up.