Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes and ED

The Basics
Living with Diabetes and ED

The Basics

Boosting microRNA-210 could curb vascular damage, study suggests, and possibly any resulting ED.

Erections are all about blood flow, and high glucose levels can damage the passageways.

The tingling in your fingers and toes could indicate future penile problems for men.

Help your partner manage these conditions so both of you can enjoy a satisfying sex life.


A study suggests the practice might help people with prediabetes prevent progression.

The disease affects the production of this molecule, which could leave your sex life hanging.

Neuropathy and heart meds can affect results, but other options exist to treat dysfunction.

A new study shows an antidiabetic medication lowers testosterone, but doctors aren't concerned.

Living with Diabetes and ED

Given the close ties between the disease and ED, men should know more about high-tech tools.

Some 'healthy' foods aren't a great choice for men with diabetes. Avoid this elevated-GI fare.

Addressing a lack of testosterone may head off blood sugar issues or help manage current ones.

If you suffer from these conditions, update your menu with sources of flavonoids and lycopene.

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