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Erectile Dysfunction

Diabetes and ED


Not sure what's true about diabetes and ED? It's because myths abound. Learn the facts.

Reviewed by Christopher Kim, M.D. | Urology

The Basics
Living with Diabetes and ED

The Basics

The Facts About Diabetes and ED

If you have diabetes, you have an elevated risk of ED. Find out what you can do about it.

Understanding your ED means first knowing how diabetes and erections interact with each other.

Studies of testosterone's effect on diabetes also offer insights into erectile dysfunction.

If you're diabetic and struggling with sexual dysfunction, the two may be connected.


Treatment of Diabetes and ED

There are several steps you can take to treat diabetes and ED. Here's what you need to know.

Diabetes and ED share common underlying factors. Addressing the source is often the solution.

Diabetes can cause sexual struggles for men and women. Thankfully, a little knowledge can help.

A leaner, meaner you means lower blood sugar and better erections.

Living with Diabetes and ED

Living With Diabetes and ED

If you have diabetes and cope with ED, you can still have a good sex life. Find out how.

Men with diabetes are more likely to suffer from ED, but do ED drugs work well for diabetic men?

The link between ED and diabetes is clear, but your doctor can tell you more.

Keeping blood sugar in check by watching your diet can also help with erectile function.