Andrew Hanlon

Andrew earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and has a background in public relations and English. After holding numerous editor titles at local newspapers, he transitioned into an online role as a sports writer before landing as an associate editor with Giddy.

We Have Questions: A Male Contraceptive Pill

The idea of a birth control pill for men has long existed. It could finally be coming.

By Andrew Hanlon

A New Study Shows a Worldwide Decline in Sperm Count

The global average has been dropping for 50 years, and at an accelerated rate since 2000.

By Andrew Hanlon

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

We Have Questions: Blue Balls

It's a well-known term, but what exactly does it mean? Can your testicles actually turn blue?

By Andrew Hanlon

Duran Duran's Andy Taylor Is Battling Stage IV Prostate Cancer

The band's former guitarist is facing the most advanced phase of the disease.

By Andrew Hanlon

Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Former 'Friends' Star Matthew Perry Opens Up on ED, Other Struggles

The actor reveals his addiction issues and resulting men's health complications in a new memoir.

By Andrew Hanlon

We Have Questions: Nutrition, Dairy and Prostate Cancer

Is a main source of calcium and protein a cancer concern or merely part of a healthy diet?

By Andrew Hanlon