Andrew Hanlon

Andrew earned a bachelor's degree in journalism and has a background in public relations and English. After holding numerous editor titles at local newspapers, he transitioned into an online role as a sports writer before landing as an associate editor with Giddy.

We Have Questions: Nutrition, Dairy and Prostate Cancer

Is a main source of calcium and protein a cancer concern or merely part of a healthy diet?

By Andrew Hanlon

Study Finds Link Between Certain Bacteria, Aggressive Prostate Cancer

The recent breakthrough could help treat the more dangerous—and deadly—form of the disease.

By Andrew Hanlon

Understanding Your Penis and Testicles

We Have Questions: Orchiectomy

Find out why someone might need a testicle removed and if it could affect their sex life.

By Andrew Hanlon

FDA Approves Dual-Target Treatment for Type 2 Diabetes

The new drug, Mounjaro, lowers blood-sugar levels, a proven boon to overall and sexual health.

By Andrew Hanlon

MLB, PCF Swing for the Fences to Raise Awareness for Prostate Cancer

Major League Baseball, Prostate Cancer Foundation team up again for the Home Run Challenge.

By Andrew Hanlon

Diabetes and ED

Men With Type 2 Diabetes Lack Vital Molecule in Red Blood Cells

Boosting microRNA-210 could curb vascular damage, study suggests, and possibly any resulting ED.

By Andrew Hanlon