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No matter how much we learn about female and male orgasms, misinformation continues to abound.

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The Basics
Female Orgasms
Male Orgasms
Orgasms and Sexual Health

The Basics

The Facts about Orgasms

Everything you want to know about the body-to-mind connection of the orgasm.

Recognize the roadblocks to orgasms and learn the potential solutions to getting off.

Women who persistently experience low sex drive could suffer from sexual dysfunction.

We all know masturbation is normal, yes, but it might have more benefits than just having fun.

Female Orgasms

Understanding the Female Orgasm

Regular orgasms can result in many health benefits. They can be a lot of fun, too!

Here’s what you need to know about achieving orgasms and how they impact your health.

Using some basic anatomical knowledge and debunking, the female orgasm isn’t so mysterious.

Male Orgasms

Understanding the Male Orgasm

The male orgasm is complicated. Knowing how it all works can help you get the most out of sex.

You’ll blast off like never before once you try these tips and techniques.

Though there's little science on the subject, studies indicate men can have multiple orgasms.

Equivalent to the female G-spot, the P-spot can become an integral part of full-body orgasms.

Orgasms and Sexual Health

It’s uncommon and not widely known, but yes, POIS exists; you can get sick after ejaculation.

Here's what it means when nothing comes out.

Slow strides are being made toward a more open understanding of women's sexual dysfunction.

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