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The Basics
Female Orgasms
Male Orgasms
Orgasms and Sexual Health

The Basics

The Facts About Orgasms

Everything you want to know about the body-to-mind connection of the orgasm.

If you ever want to simulate the big O, learn the playbook.

All right, guys, let's dive a bit deeper into the moment of truth.

Orgasms, sensual touch and intimate connections play roles in a vibrant love life and longevity.

Female Orgasms

Understanding the Female Orgasm

Understanding the physiology of climaxes may help you achieve better ones—and more often.

Scientists argue over the G-spot's existence. The rest of us are just having a good time.

There's a gap for women, but keeping track may allow you to be more in touch with your pleasure.

Achieving orgasm isn't just about what happens between the sheets.

Male Orgasms

Understanding the Male Orgasm

Pleasure is only the beginning. Did you know orgasms can also be beneficial to your health?

These benevolent partners simply live to serve their grateful bottoms.

Hopefully, you have some fuel left in the tank because we have more tricks for you to try.

If you're ready to inject some new life into your climax, here are a few tips and tricks.

Orgasms and Sexual Health

I can’t tell if there’s something wrong with me, my vagina, or the sex I’m having.

My orgasm looks like blues, greens and yellows.

Put aside your hangups about solo sex—it’s for the greater good.

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