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No matter how much we learn about female and male orgasms, misinformation continues to abound.

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The Basics
Female Orgasms
Male Orgasms
Orgasms and Sexual Health

The Basics

The Facts About Orgasms

Everything you want to know about the body-to-mind connection of the orgasm.

You may know how to reach your best climax, but what's actually happening from start to finish?

Sex isn't always necessary to achieve climax. Sometimes all it takes is some fun and relaxation.

Despite being rarely discussed and understudied, 'laughgasms' are definitely a thing.

Female Orgasms

Understanding the Female Orgasm

Understanding the physiology of climaxes may help you achieve better ones—and more often.

Most of it is not visible—and it's way bigger than you might think.

Internal feelings or external stimuli? Here's why some women experience sleep orgasms.

FOD is a sexual disorder that can seem overwhelming without the right approach.

Male Orgasms

Understanding the Male Orgasm

Pleasure is only the beginning. Did you know orgasms can also be beneficial to your health?

Feeling focused after you finish isn't just a guy thing. Release provides mental benefits.

Not all night and not one minute—shoot for something in between.

Scientific backing is scant, but practitioners of semen retention claim it has sexual benefits.

Orgasms and Sexual Health

Put aside your hangups about solo sex—it’s for the greater good.

No Nut November is a fun challenge, but don't buy into the fringe health benefit claims.

While most people feel euphoria when they come, others are unlucky—they have sexual anhedonia.

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