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Orgasms | Female Orgasms

Internal feelings or external stimuli? Here's why some women experience sleep orgasms.

FOD is a sexual disorder that can seem overwhelming without the right approach.

Despite some scientific controversy, many women swear by the magic of the G-spot.

We have all heard the myths, but what do we actually know about female ejaculation?

Two sex experts dish on how you, too, can enjoy fifth base.

Let's break down this mythical erogenous zone and find out if the fantasy can come true.

BTW: It's totally normal not to know whether or not you're having one.

This ‘warm’ and ‘euphoric’ erogenous zone may be your new favorite thing.

Using some basic anatomical knowledge and debunking, the female orgasm isn’t so mysterious.

Here’s what you need to know about achieving orgasms and how they impact your health.