There are significant differences between a male and female orgasm. Most men find it easy to climax with a number of forms of sexual activity—performing vaginal or anal penetrative sex, receiving oral sex, manual stimulation by a partner or solo and utilizing strokers, fleshlights or other toys. Men, both gay and heterosexual, orgasm during 85 percent of sexual encounters, according to a 2011 study involving singles in America.

For women, achieving orgasm isn’t as straightforward or as easy to achieve. Only 75 percent of lesbians and 63 percent of heterosexual women orgasm every time they have sex, according to Kinsey Institute research. The clitoris, the pleasure center of the female genitalia, is found just beneath where the inner labia meet and is often an integral part of climaxing. According to a 2017 Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy study, only 18.