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Penis and Testicle Health

Penis and Testicle Conditions


Clearing up some bad info about conditions from premature ejaculation to testicular cancer.

Reviewed by Chris Kyle, M.D. | Urology

Peyronie's Disease
Premature Ejaculation


The Facts About Epididymitis

Although epididymitis is a common genital inflammation, it's still largely unknown. Learn more.

Epididymitis is a common condition in men between ages 14 and 35 that may cause infertility.

What happens when the condition lingers?

Inflammation of the epididymis can be painful and dangerous. Here’s what you need to know.


The Facts About Hydroceles

If your scrotum is swollen, you may have a hydrocele. Here's what you need to know.

While not usually serious on their own, hydroceles can extend their reach if left untreated.

Penis health isn’t all you should focus on. Don’t forget about your testicles.

We’re shedding light on some misunderstandings about the testicular condition called hydroceles.


The Facts About Varicoceles

Varicoceles are the most commonly identified and correctable cause of male infertility.

A varicocele may cause infertility, though the extent of a direct connection is still unclear.

It’s difficult to detect, but if a varicocele goes unnoticed, serious consequences can occur.

This swelling of veins in the scrotum can cause concern but is mostly benign. Get the facts.

Peyronie's Disease

The Facts About Peyronie's Disease

No erect penis is perfectly straight, but a strong curve could indicate Peyronie's disease.

A little known disorder, Peyronie’s can affect the appearance and function of your penis.

A penis curvature often caused by trauma, Peyronie’s disease can affect your comfort during sex.

What you think you know about Peyronie’s and late-onset penile curvature might be wrong.


The Facts About Hypospadias

Diagnosed in boys after birth, hypospadias is a urological condition that is highly treatable.

Even after treatment, this birth defect of the penis may pose complications to patients.

Giving birth to a baby with hypospadias causes new circumcision considerations.

Let's understand what's at stake when a boy is born with hypospadias, and bust some myths.

Premature Ejaculation

The Facts About Premature Ejaculation

PE can strain any relationship. Recognizing the issue is the first step to fixing the problem.

Because the causes of PE are so varied, finding the right treatment option can be a challenge.

Living with PE is challenging but not hopeless. Solutions exist. Find one that works for you.

Rethinking your sex positions may lead to a solution for lasting longer in bed.


The Facts About Perceived Ejaculate Volume Reduction

So your ejaculations have a little less oomph. Is age to blame or are other factors at play?

You should discuss PEVR with your doctor, especially if there’s an underlying condition.

If you have perceived ejaculate volume reduction, try these easy steps to address it.

What you think you know about PEVR, and the needs of your own ego, might be wrong.

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