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Penis and Testicle Health

Penis and Testicle Conditions

Peyronie's Disease
Premature Ejaculation


The Facts About Epididymitis

Although epididymitis is a common genital inflammation, it's still largely unknown. Learn more.

A urologist explains how common problems arise for the duct transporting semen.

Doctors need to determine the type of infection before they can prescribe the treatment.

STIs and urinary issues cause most cases, so prevent the former and address the latter quickly.


The Facts About Hydroceles

If your scrotum is swollen, you may have a hydrocele. Here's what you need to know.

This benign scrotal condition is a mystery to most people. Get the basics and help your man.

A urologist can determine whether your swollen scrotum needs treatment, and you have options.

While mostly harmless, this fluid-filled sac in the scrotum can lead to the need for treatment.


The Facts About Varicoceles

Varicoceles are the most commonly identified and correctable cause of male infertility.

Varicoceles usually don't require treatment unless they affect quality of life or fertility.

This generally harmless condition can still cause painful issues that men will need to address.

Addressing the symptoms of this scrotum condition is simple enough, even if you can't avoid it.

Peyronie's Disease

The Facts About Peyronie's Disease

No erect penis is perfectly straight, but a strong curve could indicate Peyronie's disease.

Most research is inconclusive, but men see results with meds, devices and injections.

Treatments and adjustments can help ensure the bend and intercourse remain compatible.

What is simultaneously chronic and stable? The second stage of the penile curvature disease.


The Facts About Hypospadias

Diagnosed in boys after birth, hypospadias is a urological condition that is highly treatable.

With or without surgical repair, this penile birth defect can present challenges.

This congenital condition is often fixed in newborns, but if not, men can suffer its effects.

Learning how to deal with this common penile birth defect can be a lifelong process.

Premature Ejaculation

The Facts About Premature Ejaculation

PE can strain any relationship. Recognizing the issue is the first step to fixing the problem.

Some men learn to last longer in bed by taking matters into their own (or a partner's) hands.

If your hormones aren't in line, chances are your orgasms aren't, either.

Antidepressants, especially SSRIs, are effective for many men who ejaculate too quickly.


The Facts About Perceived Ejaculate Volume Reduction

So your ejaculations have a little less oomph. Is age to blame or are other factors at play?

Choices you make—and some factors you can't control—may affect your sperm quality.

PEVR can be a cause for concern, but often the perception is the underlying issue.

A decrease in semen volume can be caused by many factors, as well as indicate other troubles.

Complications and Procedures

Discharge and painful urination are symptoms of the inflammatory condition urethritis.