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Men's Fertility

Understanding Men's Fertility


Learn the truth about timing, frequency, supplements and other factors that affect fertility.

Reviewed by Christopher Kim, M.D. | Urology

The Basics
Sperm Health
Improving Fertility
Coping with Infertility

The Basics

The Facts About Male Fertility

Male fertility is key to successful reproduction. Here's what you need to know.

If you plan to wait before starting a family, consider the role age plays in male fertility.

Some common viewpoints about sperm banks and donors are downright false. Here are the facts.

Anonymous sperm donation is quickly becoming outdated, challenging the relevance of sperm banks.

Sperm Health

The Facts About Sperm Health

Healthy sperm are a key component of fertility. Here's what you need to know about sperm health.

A healthy sperm count points to good overall health, so keep your count high with these tips.

Intense cycling can involve hours of pressure on your most vulnerable areas. Should you worry?

Whether you’re planning to have a family now or later, here’s what to know about healthy sperm.


The Facts About Vasectomies

Don't rush into a vasectomy decision. Take the time to balance the benefits against the risks.

The vasectomy was fine, but what happens next? Please don’t say you’re having second thoughts.

There’s much to consider before getting a vasectomy. Here are the things you need to know.

Couples should know the pros and cons before deciding on a vasectomy or tubal ligation.

Improving Fertility

Improving Men's Fertility

There are many things you can do to improve your fertility. Find out what they are.

Electronics have been linked to male infertility, but men can take steps to reduce the risks.

Here are a few tips for success when you’re planning to have children.

These tips require minimal effort and expense but could make all the difference for fertility.

Coping with Infertility

Coping With Men's Infertility

Male infertility is a more common problem than you may think, but you have many paths forward.

Male infertility can have many causes, but a proactive approach can yield positive results.

Facing fertility issues? Treatments and lifestyle changes can bring new life to your sperm.

Scientific advances in conception continue to offer fresh hope for men facing infertility.

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