Are you and your partner struggling to get pregnant and worried about a fertility issue? Don't take matters into your own hands by loading anyone up on testosterone supplements, thinking they'll help.

They won't—at least not in this situation.

When you think of testosterone, what words come to mind? Hormone? Men? Fertility? Essentially, all of those words make sense. Testosterone is a sex hormone that plays a vital role in controlling libido and sperm production, among other functions, such as regulating muscle mass and bone density.

This is where the confusion comes in. It's easy to think that if you have a fertility problem, taking testosterone could help, but it's not the case.

"While it is well known that testosterone is the hormone that stimulates sperm production in men, the lesser known but essential caveat is that for sperm production to occur, this testosterone needs to be made internally in a man's testicles rather than externally supplied," explained Michael Werner, M.D., the medical director and founder of