Testosterone is sometimes regarded as a "magic elixir." Other times, it's considered the root of male health problems related to sexual function or the genitals. But the perception that all such problems can be boiled down to testosterone issues solely is a mistaken one.

In fact, the use of exogenous testosterone as a supplement or medical treatment could worsen conditions or side effects of low testosterone (low-T).

"If your body can make something, but you're giving extra to it, then your body will start to slow production because it is getting what it needs elsewhere," said Matthew Mutter, M.D., a urologist and men's health clinician in the New Orleans area. "Your body is going to shift energy to something else, rather than testosterone, because you're getting it exogenously."

This shift in production can cause dire consequences. For example, Mutter said the connection between exogenous, or external, testosterone intake and atrophied testicles is easy to track.

"This is a