The vaginal health supplements are a 'grift' and 'anti-feminist,' OB-GYNs say on social media.
Some products really do work, but how do they affect your sexual health?
Some products really do work, but how do they affect your sexual health?
Some products really do work, but how do they affect your sexual health?
This shrub and its roots and leaves may give your sexual health a boost, but see a doctor first.
A healthy love life is the natural byproduct of overall health. These nutrients play a key role.
This herbal suppository has no proven benefits and, in fact, can make you prone to infection.
Adding this element to your diet can make your erection more impressive.
We all use store-bought medications, but the side effects could be affecting your sexual health.
Essential in the body, zinc levels are tied to systems including erectile health and libido.
If you want to stay away from prescription meds, try a few remedies that nature offers.
At age 25, your body begins losing collagen. Be smart about supplementing it.
Downsides to androgen use far outweigh the positives, unless you're a fan of liver damage.
It's a hormone you already have in your body, so is it a risk to add more?
Discomfort can make life—and sex—challenging. This herbal item might help, but do your research.
Meals that include herbal remedies can boost your heart health—and solidify your erections.
This common condition can impact a woman's quality of life, but supplements show promise.
Consumers can now get better educated about over-the-counter products they might be considering.
It may not feel like it, but 2.5 percent of your body is metal—and sometimes you need a top-off.
Can a handful of herbs and amino acids give you results like a porn star? I decided to find out.
People prone to yeast infections may be tempted to turn to probiotics, but here's what to know.
More research is needed, however, before doctors start prescribing the live bacteria.
Nine out of 10 people with kidney disease don't know they have it. Don't let that be you.
Whether from the ravages of time or a medical condition, bald spots don't have to last forever.
Getting appropriate amounts of this essential nutrient can improve your health in many ways.
Your food has a long journey from being picked to being displayed on store shelves.
The FDA has provided general guidelines for women to go over with their doctor.
Making even small changes to what you do (and don't) eat can improve the gland's health.
Yes, testosterone levels may fall off, but lifestyle choices might be the real health issue.
Not pooping may seem unrelated to sex…until pleasure turns to pain.
The agency cites a potential to help adults quit cigarettes, but are vaping products safe?
The herb is thought to help with anxiety and moodiness.
Someone in the U.S. needs blood every two seconds, but only three percent of us donate annually.
A new paper reviewing multiple studies recommends specific mineral amounts for pregnant women.
According to the experts, it's not always a simple yes or no.
Chronic gastritis may be impacting your brain (and sexual) health.
ACV has long been touted as a cure-all, but does it really deliver?
Erectile dysfunction fixes aren't one-size-fits-all. Most TV and online 'cures' are.
Knowing the origin of your food allows you to make educated choices for a healthy body and mind.
Some vitamin supplements can improve well-being, but erectile benefits are trickier to assess.
Low-dose blood thinners may have once been useful, but doctors increasingly advise against them.
A reliance on meds to get to sleep can create a dangerous dependency.
Stuttering priapism often resolves on its own—or may lead to the more harmful ischemic kind.
Don't let stomach acid ruin your night. Take steps so you don't feel the burn.
Men, steer clear of knockoffs and get the real deal: safe and effective prescription ED meds.
It provides a head-rush for users, but is it worth becoming addicted?
Recent research shows promise for hormone treatments to reduce risk of recurrent pregnancy loss.
Testosterone supplements are not the solution when sperm production is the problem.
Hormonal imbalances can cause balding in aging women.
Some foods and supplements can decrease the effectiveness of the pill. Here's what to know.
The correct way to store medicine, how long to keep it and when to hand it over to a pharmacist.
They enhance the flavors, the colors and the aroma of food—and they're good for you, too.
Taking an extra contraceptive pill is common and rarely cause for concern.
Some doctors recommend this mineral, but the results from research on its efficacy are mixed.
Not feeling right? You might not be getting enough water, even if you have your daily 64 ounces.
Not looking to get pregnant anytime soon? The pill could treat this uncomfortable condition.
PMS-related sleep issues are common. Here's why.
What may seem like a small, single tick bite can affect your health in the future.
We had a relatively good year, but are we about to have a major comeback?
Most products haven't been tested or researched, so do your homework and talk to your doctor.
What to do the morning after when you've had one too many the night before.
Gonorrhea is evolving so fast that it's outsmarting our ability to cure it.
Experts say good dental hygiene can have positive effects on both the mind and the body.
Are these products health and wellness magic...or a complete waste of money?
Everybody has bowel movements, but no one talks about it. Maybe we should.
'These are not party drugs—these medications improve the everyday quality of my life.'
Addressing a lack of testosterone may head off blood sugar issues or help manage current ones.
Let’s separate fact from fiction about the health benefits of ejaculate.
As an essential component of erections, NO can be a big yes in avoiding ED.
What your circadian cycles are trying to tell you and why you shouldn't go into the light.
An underactive thyroid is a lifelong condition, but it's highly manageable with early detection.
Cannabidiol has been used to relieve stress and reduce pain, but it could be useful in bed, too.
It might seem strange to use a cannabis compound for recovery, but there's more to it.
Delta-8-THC may have found anecdotal success, but not all experts are on board for broad use.
Choose how you want to drop pounds, but be careful of ineffective or dangerous practices.
Research indicates a direct link between what we eat and how we feel.
Your flow shouldn't stop you from living your life.
Ads for these sex health products make bold claims. But urologists know what really works.
Since PCOS affects your body's delicate hormonal balance, what else can follow?
Supplements might just help alleviate some of your painful premenstrual symptoms.
Many women are self-treating chronic pelvic pain with CBD, but let's see what science thinks.
They're the key to success in male fertility, so know how to improve sperm quality.
Let's find out what, exactly, drug use does to your swimmers.
The decision to take medication for ADHD wasn't easy, but for me, it was the right one.
New tools are about early, accurate and/or outcome-changing detection; they're pretty cool, too.
Alcohol has long been used for oral hygiene, but some dentists recommend safer alternatives.
A medication commonly used to treat hair loss has been linked with erectile dysfunction.
For long-term health, encourage your children to focus on nutrition, not body image.
Your oral health can tell you more about your overall health than you think.
What you eat can profoundly impact hormone levels and overall health.
Celebrate a healthy new start by resuming your pre-pandemic exercise regimen. Just be careful.
Certain healthy lifestyle behaviors can 'energize' your sperm and improve their motility.
Believe it or not, you may be able to eat your way to a healthier sex life.
Believe it or not, you may be able to eat your way to a healthier sex life.
Here's what happens to your body after inhaling a puff from your vaporizer.
A holistic approach can relieve menstrual cramps if pharmaceuticals are not for you.
You may be able to improve your sexual health by drinking more water and staying hydrated.
Both positive and negative effects are associated with these plant-based compounds we all eat.
Before you reach for medication, here are some natural solutions that can help.
Many factors, including supplements, influence a child's health.
The pill may be a miraculous drug, but it's not perfect. Here's what you need to know.
All those clichéd healthy-lifestyle recommendations matter more when you're trying to conceive.
Amphetamines won't impact your sexual health permanently, but it's normal to be concerned.
Exercise and meditation can enhance sexual performance, but what if you take supplements, too?
You can lessen the impact of hair loss with good habits and medical treatments.
If you need to boost, lower or maintain your estrogen level, pay attention to these 10 foods.
Simple diet choices can make a big difference in avoiding and beating candidiasis.
If you're considering solutions for hair loss, educate yourself about some serious side effects.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
Learn to stay safe and skeptical when it comes to promises of performance enhancement.
While you manage arthritis, you can still have a comfortable, even robust, lifestyle.
Spend more time enjoying sex by finding a solution to premature ejaculation. We have options.
Almost all mammals, except humans, eat their placenta after birth. Should we?
It might be easier than you think to find a fun, rewarding way to get your move on.
Supplementing certain amino acids can boost your nitric oxide, but you may have enough already.
Changing attitudes and laws are giving consumers new cannabis-related products to try.
Knowing how to optimize your fertility could help you and a partner conceive.
Your daily multivitamin may not be giving you all the essential nutrients that you need.
These tips require minimal effort and expense but could make all the difference for fertility.
If you have low-T, or think you're at risk, consider trying these supplements.
If you’re wary of drugs or surgery, some foods and supplements may offer an alternative.
From the familiar to the exotic, certain herbs might serve unexpected pleasurable purposes.
Here’s how to keep your caffeine intake within safe limits without experiencing withdrawal.
What you think you know about PEVR, and the needs of your own ego, might be wrong.
Knowing about the safety and efficacy of natural sex supplements can benefit your sexual health.
Weed may be legal in your state, but do we know enough about how it impacts libido?
It’s in everything from lotions to smoothies, but does CBD have a place in the bedroom, too?
Manufacturers say yes, but clinical evidence remains scarce. Do your research before buying.
It’s uncommon and not widely known, but yes, POIS exists; you can get sick after ejaculation.
Though common, candidiasis is a condition to take seriously.
An oral contraceptive has side effects, but so does stopping it. Know what to expect.
Many women expect mood swings during their cycle, but understanding why helps you take control.
Regular checkups can help expectant mothers identify symptoms and protect against preeclampsia.
About 15 percent of couples in the U.S. struggle with infertility issues. But they have options.
For men who suffer from prostatitis, natural treatments may provide much-needed relief.