In my house, we were told it was impolite to talk about politics or religion at the dinner table. Notice that there were no hard rules about poop, but we all collectively never, ever talked about our feces.

It's a strange phenomenon for something so commonplace, it literally happens to everyone, to hold such a high spot on our list of taboo topics. Aside from sex, and maybe more so, going "number two" is the number-one subject most of us shy away from. Is it because we don't know what makes for good poop?

Start talking shit

Pooping is really nothing to be embarrassed about. Indeed, the more open we are about our bowel movements, the easier it becomes to discuss with others. But if this is a tough topic for you and you're shy, no worries, no one will know you're reading this.

One of the most common things inquiring minds (*cough* our editorial team *cough*) want to know is: Can you tell poop is healthy just by looking at it?

"You absolutely can, and if you're not sure where to start, consult the Bristol Stool Chart," said