As someone who's had a lifelong love of cheese and equal hatred for basically anything considered "roughage," I've struggled with constipation since the age of four or five. When I was 16, I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS), which led to an even greater struggle with constipation as an unfortunate side effect of the disease.

When it comes to probiotics, I've taken everything from cute little gummy bears to pills shaped like little pearls, those claiming "digestive regularity" and even some with cranberry extract that would also "help prevent urinary tract infections."

I've even taken to boost the immune system and digestive health and help promote a healthier vagina. While it doesn't necessarily prove anything, I've never experienced a vaginal infection, urinary tract infection or even a cold while taking a probiotic, and they do seem to assist in healthier bowel movements.

I had questions

My primary care physician (PCP), Shannon Neer (PA-C) of