The internet has a lot of ideas about the various, supposed, benefits of semen—facials can cure acne, semen provides essential nutrients and coming inside of someone can act as an antidepressant—and the list goes on and on. With so many rumors, deciphering fact from fiction can be difficult, and ultimately for cum-as-skincare believers, the truth is a little hard to swallow.

Semen is a skin-care powerhouse: Fiction, ish.

While it's tempting to believe a headline claiming that getting semen on your face can cure acne, the truth is a little more complicated. While it's true semen contains nutrients similar to ones found in tons of skincare products, including zinc, lactic acid and urea, as well as 200 different proteins, the amount of these ingredients in semen is too small to affect your skin health. Furthermore, the topical application of the nutrients in semen may not have the effects that consumption does.

That being said, one study discovered direct injections of spermidine, a derivative of (you guessed it) sperm, which also turns