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Sarah Tascone

Sarah Tascone is a Cleveland-based journalist and writer of fiction and creative nonfiction. She has been writing about health and women's issues for thirty years.

Exercise, Diet and Nutrition

Kratom Can Help Ease Chronic Pain, but Is It Safe?

Discomfort can make life—and sex—challenging. This herbal item might help, but do your research.

By Sarah Tascone

Understanding Your Vagina

One Woman, Two Reproductive Systems

While rare, uterine didelphys (a double uterus) can cause a range of complications.

By Sarah Tascone

Understanding Your Breasts

The Rise of the Comfortable Bra, and Why Your Boobs Might Thank You

There's a serious shift in the bra market encouraged by the increase in work-from-home jobs.

By Sarah Tascone

Breast Cancer

Women With BRCA 'Partner Gene' Variant Have Elevated Cancer Risk

Even if you've tested normal for the BRCA mutation, doctors advise retesting for PALB2 variant.

By Sarah Tascone

Pregnancy and Postpartum Life

Millennials Are Postponing Motherhood

With more and more women delaying pregnancy, the American birth rate is at an all-time low.

By Sarah Tascone

Ovarian Cancer

So You Beat Ovarian Cancer. Why Don’t You Feel Like Celebrating?

Anxiety over cancer recurrence can steal your joy, but there are tools to overcome it.

By Sarah Tascone

Ovarian Cancer

Ovarian Cancer Trauma: Coping With a Diagnosis

Self-care at the beginning reduces stress down the road.

By Sarah Tascone