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Dating and Relationships

Communication in Relationships


What you believe you're communicating and what actually gets communicated may not be the same.

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The Basics
Partnership Styles
Love Languages

The Basics

The Facts About Communication in Relationships

A focus on communication is imperative to a relationship's foundation.

Establishing healthy communication techniques includes understanding bad ones.

Can love survive when your SO can't stand your four-legged best friend?

Can you really fall in love over a picture of Spongebob?

Partnership Styles

Understanding Partnership Styles

Every relationship has its benefits and challenges, no matter how many people are involved.

Here's a useful guide for managing expectations in a 'situationship.'

If you're happy with one partner or more, you may be ambiamorous—here's how to communicate that.

How to have a successful consensual non-monogamous relationship.

Love Languages

Learning the Love Languages

In any relationship, finding the best ways to communicate can be like learning a new language.

Saying I'm sorry the wrong way can sometimes do more harm than good.

Find satisfaction through family and friends, but don't forget to give back in equal measure.

Dating is hard, but knowing your attachment style can help prevent problems early on.