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Dating and Relationships

Communication in Relationships


What you believe you're communicating and what actually gets communicated may not be the same.

Reviewed by Rachelle Adams, LPC, LMFT , | Psychotherapy, | Psychotherapy

The Basics
Partnership Styles
Love Languages

The Basics

The Facts About Communication in Relationships

A focus on communication is imperative to a relationship's foundation.

The person behind your eyelids isn’t the person next to you in bed. Should you be worried?

Are your arguments escalating? Research shows how you can resolve them effectively.

It’s not most people's idea of romance, but separate beds can bring health benefits.

Partnership Styles

Understanding Partnership Styles

Every relationship has its benefits and challenges, no matter how many people are involved.

How changing your mindset can help you escape a cycle of unhappy relationships.

Try these affection alternatives when being physically intimate is out of the cards.

Whether it’s a different sex drive or sexual preference, you can still stay on the same page.

Love Languages

Learning the Love Languages

In any relationship, finding the best ways to communicate can be like learning a new language.

Dating is hard, but knowing your attachment style can help prevent problems early on.

Which of the three styles are you? Define your relationship needs to find the right partner.

They're universally used, but love languages may hinder more than help your relationship.

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