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Marriage and Divorce


You owe it to yourself to debate every side of this issue before marrying or divorcing.

The Basics
Married Life

The Basics

How Marriage Rights Change from State to State in the U.S.

Marriage isn't as universal as film and television would have us all believe.

Whether you want to party, crash or cozy up, it’s your choice how you spend this intimate time.

Your partner is struggling beyond your ability to help, but refuses to go to therapy. What now?

You may not love your partner's family, but mutual respect is essential for a happy marriage.

Married Life

Understanding Married Life

Marriage can be a struggle, but with communication and compassion, you can overcome conflict.

He tosses and turns. I grind my teeth. Is a good night’s sleep more important than togetherness?

The perks of separation are clear for some parents, but what about for the kids?

Making such a move during an argument can sometimes be a sign of power, strength and commitment.


Understanding Divorce

Divorce can be painful, but living in a toxic marriage can cause lasting damage for everyone.

My friend's divorced parents have a great relationship years after separating. How do I do that?

Overcoming divorce’s mental health impacts can help you move on without emotional baggage.

Protect your partnership from collapse by spotting the causes of marriage failure early.