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Dating and Relationships

Marriage and Divorce


You owe it to yourself to debate every side of this issue before marrying or divorcing.

The Basics
Married Life

The Basics

How Marriage Rights Change from State to State in the U.S.

Marriage isn't as universal as film and television would have us all believe.

Questioning your sexual attractions when you’re with someone doesn’t have to end a relationship.

Feeling down can impact your interest in getting down. Here, how to reignite the spark.

Fight much? There's a quick but not-so-easy remedy that will help in a major, mature way.

Married Life

Understanding Married Life

Maintain the energy and love needed to make a marriage everlasting with a few simple tips.

Improve your quarantine sex life, while you and your better half endure the pandemic.

Being married during a pandemic is a roller coaster, but it’s important to enjoy the ride.

Despite different communication styles, with patience and openness you can reach understanding.


Understanding Divorce

You’ve tried everything, but the marriage is not improving. Divorce may be the best option.

Give your marriage the best chance of success by getting on the right side of these statistics.

A thorough understanding of divorce can help ease any ensuing stress.

Sometimes it's just not going to work. Breaking up may be the fastest way back to happiness.