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Marriage and Divorce


You owe it to yourself to debate every side of this issue before marrying or divorcing.

The Basics
Married Life

The Basics

How Marriage Rights Change from State to State in the U.S.

Marriage isn't as universal as film and television would have us all believe.

'I never felt like I wasn't married to him, even when we got divorced.'

We never imagine we'll lose it, but reclaiming your individuality could save your relationship.

Whether you want to party, crash or cozy up, it’s your choice how you spend this intimate time.

Married Life

Understanding Married Life

Marriage can be a struggle, but with communication and compassion, you can overcome conflict.

Take a look through a different lens to get the real scoop on marital bliss.

You may get equal rights but not the same opportunities everywhere in the U.S.

Matrimony can be difficult to navigate when sex is no longer involved.


Understanding Divorce

Divorce can be painful, but living in a toxic marriage can cause lasting damage for everyone.

Studies indicate that divorce rates are six times higher if couples meet on a dating app.

Adaptability and good communication take a couple a long way down the right road of divorce.

It's not as easy as one, two, three, but legal separation doesn't have to proceed painfully.