Sex 101

The Basics
Sex Positions
Sex Tips
Safety in Bed

The Basics

How aging and relationships to sex may change over time.

Live as your authentic self and find the therapy and services that actually help you.

Things may be starting to slow down, but your sex life can still be wonderful.

Our body and mind experience and react to sex differently as we age. But it's not all bad.

Sex Tips

Wheelchair users discuss the perks and pitfalls of sex with a disability.

Stimulate this often-forgotten erogenous zone through perineum massage and other methods.

The viral sex toy explained: More sensitivity is the goal, but be careful.

Love on the beach isn't as simple as in the movies. We have tips for successful sand sex.

Sex Positions

Grab a pillow and get in the go-to position for an orgasmic experience.

No, it's not quite as easy as porn would have you believe, but the payoff can be worth the work.

This threesome sex act may be more overblown than you might think.

Despite what we've seen in Hollywood and in porn, how should you really approach it?

Safety in Bed

Women need to take more precautions than men when they venture into butt play.

Author Laura McGuire explains how parents can teach their children about boundaries and rights.

Feeling nauseous and experiencing cramping? This penetration pitfall could be the issue.

Intercourse shouldn't cause pain but if it does, here's why and how to reduce the discomfort.

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