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Sex 101


Let's set the record straight on how it 'should' be done.

The Basics
Sex Positions
Sex Tips
Safety in Bed

The Basics

The Facts About Sex

Sex can be a bit more complicated than all you learned in school and from 'the talk.'

Communicating your turnoffs can make sex a lot less awkward.

No penetration, no problem. If pain gets in the way of your pleasure, find an alternate route.

Your craving is about much more than just being deprived of physical contact.

Sex Positions

An Introduction to Sex Positions

You don’t need to know the whole ‘Kama Sutra’ to have good sex.

This new extension to an old sporting metaphor encourages a high-pressure approach to sex.

With a little imagination, the old standard still has a few tricks left in it.

People can't get enough of this royal facesitting position.

Sex Tips

Tips for a Satisfying Sex Life

From handbooks to websites, sex advice has a long history. We mapped out the timeline for you.

Yoni eggs have surged in popularity, but they're a yo-no from doctors.

You have no problem with giving, so what's stopping you from receiving?

If you're looking to strengthen your emotional ties, flip that switch.

Safety in Bed

The Facts About Safety in Bed

In addition to using protection, many other practices are necessary to maintain safety in bed.

It's never fun when penetration doesn't go your way.

Even if you wrap it before you tap it, things can always go wrong.

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