Sex 101

The Basics
Sex Positions
Sex Tips
Safety in Bed

The Basics

The Facts About Sex

Sex can be a bit more complicated than all you learned in school and from 'the talk.'

How aging and relationships to sex may change over time.

Live as your authentic self and find the therapy and services that actually help you.

Things may be starting to slow down, but your sex life can still be wonderful.

Sex Positions

An Introduction to Sex Positions

You don’t need to know the whole ‘Kama Sutra’ to have good sex.

Grab a pillow and get in the go-to position to generate blood flow and, potentially, an orgasm.

No, it's not quite as easy as porn would have you believe, but the payoff can be worth the work.

Two holes filled and a high-five—but are people actually into it?

Sex Tips

Tips for a Satisfying Sex Life

From handbooks to websites, sex advice has a long history. We mapped out the timeline for you.

People with disabilities discuss the perks and pitfalls.

Here are some tips and tricks for making love on the beach.

Don't be intimidated by this sensitive area. Communication can lead to pleasure.

Safety in Bed

The Facts About Safety in Bed

In addition to using protection, many other practices are necessary to maintain safety in bed.

There's much more to feeling safe during sex than condoms and birth control.

It's all a matter of risk tolerance and just how close to the edge you're willing to be.

This just in: People with disabilities can and do have wonderful sex.

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