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Sex 101 | Sex Positions

Congratulations, you're pregnant! And, no, that doesn't mean you should stop having sex.

This new extension to an old sporting metaphor encourages a high-pressure approach to sex.

With a little imagination, the old standard still has a few tricks left in it.

People can't get enough of this royal facesitting position.

You don't need to flip around 14 times per session to be a sexual dynamo.

We're not messing around here: Amp up your anal sex pleasure with these positions.

Feeling nervous? If you're starting out, let's work on the best positions for maximum intimacy.

Being intimate is great, but you may not want the kids, roommates or parents to hear it all.

Prostate orgasms offer a whole new realm of pleasure.

Wielding a strap-on can help change gender norms in the bedroom.

Sex is one of the most fun forms of exercise. Here’s how to maximize the intensity.

Large people shouldn’t be shortchanged on sexual pleasure.

Sex positions for depression & that help with stress?

Orgasms are awesome, so have more of them by using these clever positions and techniques.

If you’re new to anal sex, here are some pointers for a safe and pleasurable experience.