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Sex 101 | Sex Tips

While people claim the trend has benefits, experts say it actually causes harm.

Why do beats and tunes get us in the mood?

Experts reveal a 5-step plan for achieving great casual sex.

From 'lover' to 'daddy,' learn what they want to be called during sex.

Sex therapists sign off on the idea of implementing touch without a taskmaster's hand.

It's all good as long as you're having fun.

Playtime without commitment can be a fun way to spread your wings—if you do it the right way.

Three women explain how having a taller partner impacts their sex lives.

Tips for incorporating erotic language into lovemaking—even if the idea makes you squirm.

Industry experts discuss the best and worst positions for various sleep surfaces.

Cannabidiol has been used to relieve stress and reduce pain, but it could be useful in bed, too.

The right prophylactic for you is much more complicated than whether it uses animal products.

Food in the bedroom can be fun, but it can also create a hot mess.

OK, so it's not science...But looking for love and lust in the stars can be a lot of fun.

Expert secrets on setting up a successful three-way—and making sure everyone has a good time.

No, they aren't your birthing coach, but they're not a sex therapist, either.

Step one: Pull the vehicle over. Step two: Check your blind spots. Step three: Lose the pants.

Too often relegated to foreplay status, there's a lot to be said for mastering the handjob.

Does acid make sex better or worse? Experiences vary for a number of reasons.

You have no problem with giving, so what's stopping you from receiving?

If you're looking to strengthen your emotional ties, flip that switch.

It's not always easy to switch into 'sex mode,' but you can gradually train your brain.

Women heading abroad should prep for sexual health needs and be ready for spontaneity.

Rules for when you want to get dirty (but not too dirty!) in the great outdoors.

A TikTok meme has breathed new life into an old desire to change how throats work.

Some honest answers from sexually active adults.

But a few small changes can improve your sexual performance.

Liven up your workouts, and you can liven up the bedroom as well.

Sex may change with age, but these six tips will help keep you active and satisfied.

Forget the old 'think about baseball' trick and use these tried-and-true tips instead.

Four millennials prove sex under your parents’ roof isn’t off the table.

If you have osteoporosis, caution and creativity are key to continuing a healthy sex life.

The ultimate tease allows couples or individuals to enjoy the 'almost there' sensation.

Some foods increase testosterone and improve function, but may not offer the boost you expect.

Sex in the shower can be sensual and steamy, plus it opens up all kinds of possibilities.

Hollywood loves a splashy sex scene, but what are the realities of underwater sex?

A threesome might be a great way to spice up your love life. But how do you make it happen?

Want to learn about lube? Check out these four categories to consider before purchase.

Cannabis-infused products promise an added high when you’re getting down.

Awareness-based meditating can provide a different perspective on your sex life—and improve it.

Let’s blow up four big, fat lies about the sex lives of overweight people, once and for all.

You can choose from all kinds of makes and models to help shake things up with good vibrations.

There’s more than one way to boost your libido, and the fixes are rather simple.