Asking your partner what they'd like to be called in bed can be awkward, if you manage to work up the nerve to ask at all. Actually vocalizing what you'd like to be called in moments of passion may feel forced and unnatural, too, especially if you like to be called something a little more taboo. However, despite the hesitancy, pillow names can play an important part in leveling up your sexual intimacy.

If you're wondering what to call your partner in bed, you aren't alone. An Instagram poll I did with 1,000-plus followers revealed that 40 percent of people call their partners baby, and 49 percent don't know what to call their partners at all. I know it's not exactly published research, but it was enlightening, nonetheless.

Many people don't stray far from the names they've heard in pop culture: baby, babe and the like. Because of this stagnancy, I turned to sex therapists and coaches for their advice on how to have a conversation about the pillow name we might really prefer.

What's your nickname during sex?

According to Rachel Needle, a licensed psychologist in West Palm Beach, Florida, and the co-director of