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Sex 101 | The Basics

What's really going on in our brains when we're busy getting it on?

When overthinking gets in the way of intimacy, it's time to take a step back.

Too much cuddling or sweet talk outside the bedroom might throw cold water on your relationship.

Tantra can improve your relationships, revitalizing your sexual and nonsexual chemistry.

Having sex can be a great stress reliever, but it may not solve your problems.

Learn how to put your best foot forward—each and every time.

Communication, grounding strategies and time will help you rediscover your sexual self.

A slang expert helps illuminate some of the best (and worst) sexual innuendos over the years.

Communicating your turnoffs can make sex a lot less awkward.

No penetration, no problem. If pain gets in the way of your pleasure, find an alternate route.

Your craving is about much more than just being deprived of physical contact.

Instagram's That Gay Butt Stuff Doctor Carlton offers the anal analysis you need.

You're not a failure if you don't climax. There are much more important qualities to consider.

'Teaching other people about sex helped me realize I needed a break from it.'

More than 'zoning out,' dissociative episodes can prevent intimacy and pleasure.

Post-coital cleanings can feel good, but some experts question if they're necessary.

You met, you're dating, it's going well—is it time to get intimate?

Want to be prepared for penetration? Here's what to choose from for protection and pleasure.

With so many nerve endings, proper stimulation creates 'incredible sensations from head to toe.'

It's essential to be clear about where and when the line is drawn.

Stress impacts your level of sexual desire, but it may do so differently for men and women.

Celibacy has been redefined and is more prevalent than society recognizes.

While sex declined for many, others got more creative, studies show.

If your birth control lowers your sex drive, take these measures to counteract.

It's a vague diagnosis, but if your low libido is disrupting your life, it may be worth a check.

And why sleeping with a post-sex partner can create a big divide.

Cold, hard technology is heating up—with great results.

Interested in a three-way? Learn the basics before diving into bed with your partner, plus one.

Healing after sexual trauma is not straightforward, but it is possible.

There’s a time & place for your furry friend to be in the bedroom.

This is how four people handle wandering thoughts during intimate moments.

The metabolic process affects how you process food and plays a role in a healthy libido.

An intimate night shouldn't leave your vagina feeling like it survived a high-intensity workout.

The biggest surprises were…well, just read on and you might be quite surprised, too.

Understanding your and your partner's sexuality is a path to a deeper connection of intimacy.

Speedy sex can be thrilling, but faster isn't always better.

And it has nothing to do with your (or your partner's) performance.

When occasional sexual disinterest or discomfort becomes persistent, it may signal dysfunction.

Biting during heightened periods of arousal isn’t only normal: it’s an innate, natural reaction.

Why getting laid in the A.M. may help jump-start your day.

Having less sex does not have to be part of the natural order of aging.

You’re not a whippersnapper anymore! But there’s still time (and ways) to roll in the hay.

While men may give their foreskin little thought, it can be a source of confusion for women.

Our vagina guide covers the ins and outs of lady parts. Learn how to make the vagina happy.

Sex starts way before intercourse—even before anyone’s clothes come off.

Feel too old for sex? You may be under the wrong impression. Sex can still be great as you age.

Recognizing, managing and preventing stress will help you make the most of your love life.

Sex changes as you age, but it still can be just as fulfilling as it was when you were younger.

Romance novels make it appear sex should last all day. What does the data say?

Talking through your sexual insecurities is good for the soul and the best way to overcome them.

The male reproductive system includes many components and you want all of them working properly.