As long as social mores have made sex talk taboo, sexual euphemisms have propagated like bunnies. Even setting aside the constellation of innuendos for intercourse-adjacent acts, body parts and bodily functions, the list of double entendres is endless and ever-growing.

Few recognize this reality better than lexicographer Jonathon Green. Since long before Urban Dictionary, Green's three-volume "Dictionary of Slang" has functioned as the definitive compendium for dating and defining slang—of which a significant portion is overtly sexual. And one of Green's more recent projects, Timelines of Slang, traces the origins of Anglophone euphemisms over the past 500 years and includes a separate list of more than 1,750 terms for sexual (mostly heterosexual) intercourse.

Any list of innuendos—even Green's thousands-strong collection—is necessarily incomplete, bordering on unmanageable. Here are the most